Promo Videos ~ Recorded Live
BCB 5-Minute Sampler
BCB 5-Minute Sampler

BCB 8-Minute Preview
BCB 8-Minute Preview

Videos recorded at our events...
BCB Hora
Hora - Zach Boyce

BCB Dance Crowd With Hora
Dance Crowd With Hora - Seacoast Wedding Films

BCB How Will I Know
How Will I Know - 11/26/16

BCB Can't Hold Us
Can't Hold Us - 11/26/16

BCB Semi-Charmed Life
Semi-Charmed Life - 09/17/16

BCB One More Song!
One More Song - 07/11/15

BCB Empire State Of Mind
Empire State Of Mind - 09/07/13

BCB Can't Hold Us
Can't Hold Us - 09/07/13

BCB We Are Young
We Are Young - 05/25/13

BCB Bad Romance 2011
Bad Romance - 2011

BCB Crazy In Love 2011
Crazy In Love - 2011

BCB Just Dance 2011
Just Dance - 2011